Craftsmanship & Highballs at Apollo Bar in Ginza


Whisky highballs always hit the spot - they're clean, refreshing, light, and perfect for any occasion. But beyond the whisky and soda that make up a highball, there are many special details that may not be so apparent.At the hidden Apollo Bar in Tokyo, owner Hidenori Komatsu truly represents craftsmanship and commitment for all the drinks that are served. From the thin glassware to the fanned hand-carved ice blocks, the seemingly simple highball is meticulously prepared.Komatsu-san worked for Suntory for several decades before retiring to open Apollo. His experience with Japanese whisky is extensive, evident through his collection of rare Suntory bottles, but also through his technique as he mindfully makes each drink. Read and experience the entire story about Komatsu-san's highball at Apollo Bar at here.